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LivingWord Communications is a public relations and communications agency, dedicated to helping companies and brands shape your message to create a powerful, positive impact in a rapidly changing digital world.


We take a strong interest to partner clients in making communications work – with purpose, passion, and impact.

Sustainably Simply Purposefully
of Honour of Mouth of Inspiration
Our Vision

Like our namesake, these two keywords form the core of our business model: to create environments that allow a constant flow of ideas and discussions, to generate value through simplicity where less is more, and to be intentional and authentic in our sphere of influence.

Our work speaks for itself when it comes to collaborating with clients, partners, and employees as well as inspiring others to become more.


Here at LivingWord, we don’t just see our workforce as faceless numbers; instead, we see our team members as a cohesive family and our greatest asset.

Made up of passionate, like-minded individuals with a proven track record, our family has come together to pool our ideas, support one another, and play to our individual strengths.


We embrace the culture of work-life balance and workplace flexibility because we’ve been there before, and we believe it is essential to stay inspired and avoid burnout.

Having the freedom to adapt to different work styles allows us to tap into diverse talent, cultivate creativity, and not only deliver on our promises but also exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Our Founders
Jocelyn Ng-Foo
Founder and Managing Partner

As the team lead, Jocelyn’s passion to deliver a spirit of excellence, creativity, and collaboration with teammates and clients constantly inspires those around her.

As a working mother and business owner, she endeavours to be the change she wants to see in the world in following the pattern after the eternal Living Word of God.

Shawn Foo
Co-Founder and Investor

Shawn aspires to be a responsible steward, an adept enabler, and a servant leader to our people, business, community, and beyond.

He has a passion for sustainable development in a circular economy with a focus on clean energy, green financing, and carbon trading.

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