Through the Looking Glass: Bringing Smart-Tinting Glass to Asia Pacific

September 01, 2018 - by Jocelyn Ng-Foo

Properties are one if not the most prized possessions here in Asia- with exorbitant premiums paid for spaces with a killer view.

Hence, when Silicon Valley startup Kinestral Technologies approached us with the opportunity to work with them, we saw this as an opportunity to contribute to the transformation of the architectural and design industry with this game-changing technology – next-generation electrochromic technology.

Kinestral Technologies’ advanced natural light management system, Halio™ smart-tinting glass uses next-generation electrochromic technology to tint to shades of neutral grey, delivering sun blocking, anti-glare protection and privacy – automatically or on demand – while looking like ordinary glass.

It can block up to 99.9 per cent of visible light and can respond dynamically to changing light conditions, reducing glare and enhancing natural light indoors for physical and emotional well-being.

Halio is able to integrate with other building automation systems to provide a customised solar shading based on individual preference, weather conditions, light and thermal sensors. In today’s modern building facades where glass covers as much as 80 per cent of it, Halio is able to provide a holistic solution which manages heat and glare in the most energy-efficient manner.

In Asia alone, almost 79 of the 100 proposed highest buildings are in the planning stages here, and Halio sees vast potential in expanding into the Asia Pacific market.

The approach to building in-roads for Halio into the media and the architectural community was to show-and-tell, literally.


In January 2018, we engaged with a number of technology and architecture publications to demonstrate how Halio works at AGC’s office, a joint-venture partner of Kinestral Technologies.

This resulted in Halio being covered across media such as The Straits Times, HardwareZone Singapore, Singapore Home & Décor and d+a magazine.

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